Core Features

Wrixte CIM is a versatile platform that can be used for multiple cybersecurity applications

Case management

The ability to manage security incidents from detection to resolution.



Analysts can work together on the same case to share information and knowledge.



Wrixte CIM can be customized to fit specific use cases and workflows.


API and Webhooks

Integrates with a variety of security tools such as SIEMs,CTI platforms, and more.



Wrixte CIM can automate repetitive tasks and orchestrate actions across different security tools.


Metrics and Reporting

Provides metrics and reporting to help track performance and improve incident response processes.


Security and Access Control

Wrixte CIM has built-in security features such as RBAC, encryption, and audit logging.



Wrixte CIM can be used by multiple teams or organizations with built-in multi-tenancy support.


Efficiently Respond and Mitigate Security Threats

Wrixte CIM Use Cases

Wrixte CIM can be employed to oversee as a centralized platform for managing security alerts, incidents, and investigations.

Wrixte CIM can be employed to oversee, manage and coordinate incident response activities across multiple teams and locations.

Wrixte Case & Incident Management can be employed to oversee collect, store, and analyze threat intelligence data from various sources.

24/7 Dedicated Security Team On Duty to Safeguard Your Organization.

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