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Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Efficient Threat Detection and Response

Wrixte NPAE can capture, store, and analyse network traffic data in real-time or from historical data to detect and investigate security incidents.

Wrixte NPAE can be used for proactive threat hunting by allowing analysts to search for IOCS and other suspicious patterns in network traffic.

Wrixte NPAE can aid in post-incident forensics analysis by providing detailed insights into network activity during the time of the incident.

Wrixte NPAE can help organizations maintain compliance with regulations and policies by monitoring network activity and detecting potential violations.

Wrixte NPAE can be used for performance monitoring and troubleshooting, allowing organizations to identify network issues and optimize their infrastructure.

Wrixte NPAE can help detect insider threats by monitoring employee network activity and identifying abnormal or suspicious behavior and activity logs across the network.

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Scalable Network Packet Analytics Solution

Ensuring Network Security: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

Packet capture

Wrixte NPAE can capture packets from multiple interfaces at the same time. It can capture and store pcap files, live network traffic, NetFlow etc. It can also enrich the data with CTI feeds.



Wrixte NPAE provides an interactive search interface that allows you to quickly find packets using multiple search criteria such as IP address, port number, protocol, time, and more.



Wrixte NPAE is horizontally scalable, allowing you to add more nodes to the cluster to increase performance and storage capacity. It can handle 100s of GB of data each second.



Wrixte NPAE provides various built-in analytics to help you better understand network traffic patterns and detect anomalies. You can also create customized analytics as per the need.



Wrixte NPAE can generate alerts based on various criteria, such as the number of packets captured or the presence of specific keywords in the packet payload.



Wrixte NPAE integrates with various third-party tools and services, such as MISP, cyber threat intelligence feed to provide a complete network security visibility and analysis solution.

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