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Wrixte SIEM : Enhancing Cybersecurity with Actionable Insights

Wrixte SIEM collect, store, and analyze log data from various sources to provide insights into security events and trends.

Wrixte SIEM can detect potential threats in real-time and trigger automated responses to prevent or mitigate the impact of the attack.

Wrixte SIEM can monitor network and user activity to identify suspicious behavior, unauthorized access, and potential data breaches.

Wrixte SIEM can help businesses ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations by monitoring and reporting on security-related events.

Wrixte SIEM can help in the investigation of security incidents by providing a complete picture of the events leading up to and following the incident.

Wrixte SIEM comes with incident response capabilities, including automated response, to help businesses respond quickly to security incidents.

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Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions Beyond SIEM and Analytics

Align your organization's security strategy with Wrixte.

Machine Learning & Anomaly Detection

Built in AI/ML algorithm helps in identifying unusual patterns and anomalies in log data, to detect potential security threats.


User & Entity Behaviour Analytics

Detect unusual behavior patterns of users and entities with AI/ML powered advanced analytics techniques to prevent security breaches.


Log Management & Analysis

Log management and analysis involves collecting, storing, and analyzing log data for security, compliance, and operational purposes..


Network Security Monitoring

Network Security Monitoring involves the 24/7 monitoring and analysis of network traffic and logs to detect and prevent security incidents


Endpoint Security Monitoring

Endpoint Security Monitoring involves 24/7 monitoring of endpoint activity, detecting and responding to security incidents, and enforcing security policies to ensure compliance.


File & System Integrity Monitoring

FIM refers to the process of monitoring changes made to files and system configurations to detect modifications, security breaches, and compliance violations.


System Inventory Monitoring

Wrixte SIEM's system inventory module monitoring keeps track of all the connected hardware, network devices, open ports, installed software and running processes.


Vulnerability Scan & Management

Wrixte SIEM comes with vulnerability scanner which helps in identifying, assessing, and prioritizing security vulnerabilities in an organization's systems and applications.


Rootkits & Malware Detection

Wrixte SIEM comes with built in rootkits and malware detection engine to identify and quarantine the malwares, rootkits, ransomware etc. Wrixte also uses YARA rules to identify the malwares.


Configuration Assessment

Wrixte SIEM uses CIS Benchmark & OpenSCAP to identify system misconfiguration, missing security controls and anomalies across system configuration.


Policy & Compliance Monitoring

Policy & Compliance Monitoring process involves regularly assessing and monitoring compliance with various regulations, and standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.


System Metrics Monitoring

System Metrics Monitoring is the process of collecting and analyzing the performance metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk space utilization and time series data.


Cloud Security Monitoring

Wrixte SIEM can integrate with cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and provides real-time visibility into cloud infrastructure.


Automated Threat Hunting

Wrixte SIEM uses built in threat hunting rules and AI/ML algorithm to automatically identify threats. with wrixte threat hunting, team can quickly respond to threats.


Container Security Monitoring

Container Security Monitoring using Wrixte involves detecting security incidents, analyzing logs and events generated by containers and orchestrators.


Remote & Live Forensics

Remote & Live Forensics involves techniques such as memory analysis, network forensics, and disk imaging to gather information about security incidents.


ICS/SCADA/OT Security Monitoring

OT Security monitoring includes detecting and preventing unauthorized access, identifying anomalies in system behavior, and analyzing network traffic.


IoT/IIoT Security Monitoring

Wrixte SIEM can easily integrate with IoT/IIoT devices and can perform device logs, network traffic, and sensor monitoring for security threats.


MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Wrixte SIEM supports the MITRE ATT&CK framework, allowing security teams to map and track threat actor techniques across their environment.


Automated/Active Response

Wrixte SIEM has the ability to automatically respond to security incidents by taking specific actions such as terminating a process, or running a script.

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