Benefits of Risk Management


24/7 Constant Surveillance

Monitoring of vulnerabilities, system configuration errors, and account takeover exposure across your endpoints, networks, and cloud environments round-the-clock.


Strategic Suggestions

Your designated Concierge Security engineer becomes your dependable security counsel and collaborates with you to develop suggestions that gradually strengthen your security posture.


Personalized Interaction

Meetings on a regular basis with the Concierge Security engineer you have designated to examine your overall security posture and identify areas for improvement that are most suited to your environment.


Security observations

Check it out in Action

Threat feeds, OSINT data, CVE information, and other sources are added to security observations gathered across internal and external networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to give events that the Concierge Security® Team investigates and prioritises greater granularity and context. Prior to attacks spreading throughout your network and causing further harm, these security specialists assist cut through the clutter to remediate and contain problems.

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Numbers on Digital Risk

Organizational cyber risks are increased by the expanding attack surface. Innovation is fueled by new digital projects being implemented, the Internet of Things (IoT) being adopted, and the ongoing migration to the cloud, but at the expense of growing vulnerability to threats. To deal with this problem, risk management techniques are becoming more common.

There is a formal vulnerability management programme in place for 40% of mid-size businesses.
By 2025, it is anticipated that 60% of IT risk management roles would depend on risk management tools to aggregate digital hazards in their corporate ecosystems:
80% of the most frequent cyberattacks can be avoided by implementing the top five key security policies recommended by the Center for Internet Security (CIS):


Process for Managing Risk at Wrixte



To deploy the Wrixte Platform, incorporate important data sources, and develop an understanding of your network, our staff will collaborate with you.



By creating an asset context and a baseline of vulnerabilities, you can have a clear awareness and visibility of your attack surface.


Active Cycle

The Active Vulnerability Management Cycle phase is a continuous cycle that maintains a constant state and aims to provide adequate coverage, prioritise risks, fortify your environment, and guarantee that mitigation activities are effective.

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