Cloud Security Challenges

Cloud Detection & Response



A combination of 24/7 continuous monitoring, automated tools and manual testing helps in identifying cloud security risks.



Isolate, investigate, and remediate security patch, update, and improve to prevent future cyber security incidents.



Contain the attack, remove the threat, restore affected systems, and improve defense to prevent future incidents.

Broad Cloud Security Visibility

24x7 Continuous Monitoring

Our 24x7 continuous security monitoring uses advanced threat detection techniques and experienced analysts to detect and investigate potential incidents, and provide actionable guidance for effective response.

The most critical cloud security challenges are addressed by Cloud Detection and Response.

Be it account hijacking or insufficient access control or configuration overload, Our team of experienced cloud security professionals identify them and help you mitigate the security risks.

Obstacles to Cloud Security

With increasing cloud adoption and risks, many IT teams are struggling to keep up with the pace of change.
There are many businesses that use at least one public cloud today:
How many businesses are implementing a "multi-cloud" strategy?
Cloud-enabled cyberattacks as a percentage:
IT teams with limited awareness of cloud infrastructure security:


Wrixte Cloud Detection & Response


24/7 Cloud Security Monitoring

Continuous cloud security monitoring to detect and respond to threats 24/7, protecting your business and data from cyber attacks.

Instant Security Measures

Our service is designed with preconfigured detection logic, allowing for immediate monitoring and detection of the most critical attacks

Tailored Services & Solutions

Prevent alert fatigue and identify potential security risks that others may overlook with customized rules that are tailored to your unique business environment.


Expert handling of investigations

Our Cloud Incident Response service takes care of investigating suspicious activity, freeing you from alert fatigue and wasted time investigating false positives.

Log Retention and Analysis

Our log retention and search service simplifies log management, allowing for easy investigation in case of incidents.

Cloud Incident Response

Respond to critical security incidents within minutes to prevent the spread of threats. Every second counts.


Remediation Assistance

We collaborate with you to detect, respond to, and remediate threats, ensuring that they are neutralized and haven't returned through verification.

Security Management ​

Our security solution is expertly maintained, tuned, and configured by our team, ensuring accurate data collection and alerts without burdening your IT staff.

Expert in Cloud Security

Our team of cybersecurity experts offers extensive expertise in cloud platforms, best practices, frameworks, and the unique security needs of your business.

Our expert security team delivers 24/7 cloud security to you.

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