Identify and isolate performance bottlenecks, including latency, in your microservices architecture

Gain insight into the performance of your interconnected microservices by visualizing latency sources.
Get a bird's eye view of application performance, then zoom in to specific transactions for quick root cause analysis.

Visualize with Observability & Wrixte Dashboards

  • Easily trace the flow of data through your system with a user-friendly interface powered by observability.
  • Leverage the robust search capabilities of Wrixte to create customized dashboards that visualize and analyze your distributed traces and flows.

Accelerate troubleshooting with logs-trace correlation

  • Wrixte Dashboard's logs-trace correlation feature, you can easily link problematic logs with relevant traces and quickly identify the root cause of latency and performance issues with just a single click.
  • Clicking on a service in observability., you can quickly find all the corresponding logs in Wrixte Dashboard, allowing for efficient troubleshooting and analysis.

Gain a clear understanding of your microservices architecture

Gain visibility into your complex microservices architecture at scale. Obtain a comprehensive system-wide view to:

  • Easily trace the sequence of calls in your system from any service endpoint, giving you full visibility into your microservices architecture.
  • Discover and explore your service map automatically without any manual effort using our platform.
  • Easily visualize the interconnecting services and their dependency graph with our auto-discovery feature, providing an insightful view of your service map.

Get instant notifications for important events through real-time alerting.

  • Get alerted when service execution suddenly slows down.
  • Receive alerts for endpoints that are being invoked at a high rate.
  • Receive notifications through various channels including Slack, Telegram, Chime, email, and more.

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