Nextgen Cybersecurity for Endpoints

Powerful Endpoint Protection with Wrixte EDR


Real-time Threat Detection & Response

Detect and respond to threats in real-time with Wrixte's Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, safeguarding your organization from cyber attacks.


Endpoint Inventory and Asset Management

Efficiently manage endpoint inventory and assets with Wrixte SOC Suite’s comprehensive endpoint management features.


File & System Integrity Monitoring

Detect unauthorized changes to critical files and system configuration with Wrixte's file integrity monitoring for enhanced endpoint security.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Threat feeds from numerous sources frequently disagree on which IOCs are malicious or unidentified. It is challenging to swiftly assess the malice of a threat and take appropriate response in light of this contradicting evidence. Wrixte Threat Intelligence combines a number of threat feeds and compares them to machine learning analysis in order to Cyber Threat Intelligence is a critical component of effective Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). It aggregates threat feeds and analyzes them using machine learning to rank their historical accuracy for specific types of threats from different adversary groups. This helps in identifying the correct intelligence source to respond quickly and precisely to threats, simplifying the investigation and response process. With Cyber Threat Intelligence, EDR can proactively detect and prevent attacks, minimizing the impact of cyber threats on endpoints and the entire organization.

Active Incident Response

Active Incident Response for EDR is the process of responding to a security incident as it is happening. This involves detecting and containing the incident, investigating the root cause, and remediating the issue. Wrixte EDR offers active incident response capabilities, allowing security teams to respond to threats in real-time. With continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, and automation, Wrixte EDR enables organizations to quickly detect and respond to security incidents, minimizing damage and reducing the risk of future incidents.


Rapid Threat Detection

Wrixte's Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution provides rapid and precise threat detection to protect against cyber attacks. Using advanced threat intelligence and machine learning, Wrixte's EDR solution can quickly identify and respond to threats in real-time. With automated incident response capabilities and a team of security experts available 24/7, Wrixte ensures that any threat is swiftly mitigated. This ensures that your organization is well-protected against all types of cyber threats, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your security posture.

User & Entity Behavior Analysis

The AI of the Wrixte Defense Platform uncovers sophisticated threats by identifying minute responses. Only after comparing machine learning to enterprise-wide data sets can specific harmful behavior be identified. Monitoring on a machine-by-machine basis alone can miss subtle enemies whose behaviour is only found when the environment as a whole is evaluated and merge against machine learning. Defenders must be aware of the User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) is a key component of endpoint detection and response (EDR) that helps detect anomalies in user and entity behavior that may be indicative of an ongoing cyber attack. By applying machine learning algorithms to large datasets of user and system activity, UEBA can identify patterns of behavior that may be malicious or abnormal, allowing for early detection and swift response to potential security incidents. Wrixte's EDR solution includes UEBA capabilities to provide comprehensive threat detection and response for endpoints.


Proven Effectiveness and Efficiency

Wrixte's Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution has a proven track record of effectively detecting and responding to cyber threats. Its machine learning-powered detection and correlation of malicious behaviors and user/entity behavior analysis enable the rapid identification of threats. With real-time endpoint threat detection and response, organizations can rest assured that their endpoints are constantly monitored for threats. Additionally, Wrixte's active incident response capabilities enable quick and precise action to be taken in the event of a security incident.

Security Insight Powered by Continuous R&D

Our EDR solution is driven by cutting-edge research to detect and respond to advanced threats. Powered by machine learning, it provides real-time threat analysis, proactive threat hunting, and response automation. With advanced techniques like outlier detection and behavior analysis, our EDR solution provides comprehensive coverage against zero-day and fileless attacks. Its intuitive interface and integrated reporting enable easy investigation and compliance management. Gain a better understanding of your attack surface and stay ahead of evolving threats with our research-driven EDR solution.

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