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Our prime focus is industrial cyber defense

Discovering and identifying devices and systems on industrial networks to assess security posture and risks.

Identifying abnormal network behavior or activity in industrial systems to detect potential cyber threats.

Analyzing logs generated by ICS/SCADA/OT devices to identify potential cybersecurity threats and breaches.

Capturing and analyzing network traffic to detect and respond to potential cybersecurity threats in industrial systems.

Using predefined signatures and rules to identify potential cybersecurity threats in industrial systems' network traffic.

Proactively detecting and responding to potential cybersecurity threats and incidents in ICS/SCADA/OT networks.

Securing Critical Infrastructure: Continuous Monitoring and Rapid Response for Industrial Control Systems

  • Wrixte

Advanced Security Monitoring and Threat Intelligence for Industrial Control Systems

Simplified Security Monitoring for Industrial Control Systems

Proactive Threat Detection

Continuous monitoring enables early detection of potential threats, allowing for rapid response to minimize damage.


Improved Incident Response

Effective security monitoring allows for a more rapid and effective incident response, minimizing the impact of cyber attacks.


Enhanced Network Visibility

Comprehensive monitoring provides visibility into the OT network, and applications, enabling effective incident response.


Reduced Downtime

Security monitoring can prevent cyber attacks and minimize the risk of system outages, reducing downtime and improving system availability.


Improved Resilience

Security monitoring helps to identify vulnerabilities and implement remediation measures, improving the overall resilience of critical infrastructure systems.



Compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards, such as NERC CIP, is critical to avoid penalties and maintain system reliability.

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